About CapriDairyWorld

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About CapriDairyWorld

CapriDairyWorld is a non-profit science-based and philanthropic organization rooted in the dissemination of scientific information of goat milk and its dairy research for the advancement of the wellbeing and nutrition of humanity. It was established by Professor Young W. Park of Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, Georgia, USA. It was launched in August 2013 by Professor Park, and the organization and its CapriDairyView e-mail service rely upon the volunteer efforts of many friends, colleagues and supporters.

CapriDairyWorld aims to provide scientific knowledge and advanced research information on caprine milk and its dairy products to various stakeholders around the world. It also acts as the primary knowledge base and/or vehicle for disseminating the values of goat milk and its processed foods for the nutrition and wellbeing of mankind. Its website and e-mail service derive current information from numerous subscribers from many countries. Although the CapriDairyWorld has been established very recently, it has already attracted a large number of scientists and consumers from dairy sectors of goats, sheep, buffalo, horse, camel, yak and reindeer.

CapriDairyWorld publishes a free electronic newsletter, CapriDairyView, which is a “must read” information, news, research updates and commentary of the latest advancements in goat milk, and caprine dairy science, including nutritional, chemical, microbiological, rheological, sensory, flavor compounds studies and sustainability of the dairy goat industry. For better understanding on “beyond the headlines” coverage of the most important caprine dairy science and technology news, click here to subscribe.

CapriDairyWorld is focusing on caprine milk and its products which have been proven to show nutritional and health promoting benefits for humanity because goat milk is a rich source of important nutrients. CapriDairyWorld will serve as the center and primary reference organization to provide the stakeholders, scientists, educators, farmers and general consumers with the essential scientific knowledge, references, research data, and integral information on caprine milk and its manufactured products for human wellbeing throughout the world especially in developing countries.

The CapriDairyWorld Foundation is established as a volunteer-driven non-profit organization. The foundation has two distinct visions and purposes: One is to foster and strengthen the science-based studies in dairy goat production and products research to advance the dairy goat industry which is far behind the scientific research in the dairy cow industry due to the lack of governmental, industry and academia supports and interests; and the Second is to make the best possible efforts to improve the wellbeing and living conditions of humanity worldwide through the financial contributions of colleagues, friends and stakeholders to the CapriDairyWorld by providing philanthropical and charitable assistances to those who are socially and economically underprivileged, underserved and disadvantaged populations around the world.