Invited Presentations at World Conference on Animal Production (WCAP)

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Oct 2003 Correlations between organic acids, rheology, and sensory property data of soft goat milk cheeses stored under freezing for 3 months. 9th World Conference on Animal Production, Porte Alegre, Brazil.
July 1993 Association of serum cholesterol with milk cholesterol and other constituents in genetically selected third generation sows. VII World Conference on Animal Production. Edmonton, Canada.
Oct 1988 Trace Mineral Concentrations in Goat Milk From Alpine and Nubian Breeds for the First 5 Months of Lactation. VI World Conference on Animal Production. Helsinki, Finland.

(WCAP Opening Reception with Dr. Paul Jelen, Canada, Dr. Hannu Korhonen, Finland and Dr. Young W. Park, USA)